Growth trajectory despite challenging market conditions.


Growth trajectory despite challenging market conditions.

The homepoint Group looks back on the eventful year 2022. The investment portfolio was expanded by four projects and the organic growth of the homepoint Group was successfully continued.
"Despite uncertainties in the market, we have achieved a lot. We succeeded in initiating projects and transferring existing ones to the next planning and development phases on time," emphasises Robert Besir, owner of the homepoint group.

Currently, the homepoint Group has a project pipeline with 12 construction projects with a usable floor space of approx. 70,000 m² in Leipzig, Berlin, Potsdam and Rügen on the Baltic Sea. The projects are currently in various stages of planning and construction and range from student flats, residential and townhouses as well as listed properties with extensive refurbishment and revitalisation work to office and laboratory space.

Strong performance with industry competence

"The projects have different focuses and require precisely fitting approaches with special expertise," says Besir. "We are proud of the specialists we have been able to recruit in recent months. They strengthen the homepoint team with their expertise and performance and round off the respective competences," adds Sultan Shamlan, COO of the homepoint Group.

Furthermore, topics such as sustainability and digitalisation are increasingly being incorporated into our projects. Corresponding providers are currently in high demand on the market. Homepoint is an industry guarantor for quality and reliability. We would like to promote more forward-looking innovations in construction in order to create added value for people in their own homes, for example through energy savings, more efficient floor plans and innovative usage concepts.

Diversification of the business portfolio

BESTER Immobilienvertrieb GmbH, a subsidiary of the homepoint group, handles most of the individual sales of the flats. Here, too, the first successes are visible in the annual review. Founded in 2021, the company now has a sales pipeline of several hundred units for sale. In addition to homepoint's own sales, it has increasingly been able to win external orders from property developers for owner-occupiers and capital investors from all over Germany. "I am particularly pleased that we were able to really take off with BESTER in 2022, after the founding and preparation phase," says Marco Besir, Managing Director of BESTER.
With the growth and diversification of the business portfolio, the focus continued to be on restructuring corporate processes under the motto "managing growth": "In the past year, we have done a lot of optimisation and refinement of structures," says Shamlan. "Processes were also further standardised in order to approach the new projects more efficiently."

Confident outlook into the year 2023

The results from the previous year allow us - despite the challenging market conditions - to look forward to 2023 with confidence. Not only to meet the homepoint Group's own requirements, but also to actively shape the market in the future. According to the motto "Much more than real estate", we would like to focus particularly on people, innovations and digital development this year.

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