Mineko - still successful


Mineko - still successful

The company that checks rental costs. Mineko scores with this unique service. Tenants can easily have their service charge statement checked for accuracy online. This year, too, numerous consumers used the service of the Berlin start-up and received an average of around 200 euros back in overpaid service charges.

Added value for tenants

Mineko offers attractive added value for end consumers. The company was founded in 2014 and has been on the road to success ever since. The reason for the founding was a study according to which around 80 percent of all utility bills are incorrect. A figure that is confirmed in the start-up's daily work: Over 50,000 bills have been successfully checked in the past few years. 81 per cent of them were incorrect. In total, the sum of the reimbursed bills amounts to an impressive 5 million euros.

AI-based system

Money for private and commercial consumers; an annoying fact for companies in the real estate industry. Among other things, Mineko offers them the possibility to check their service charge statements before they are sent out. The basis for the TÜV-certified service charge check is a specially developed AI software that is used by expert employees. Each submitted statement is individually checked for formal, legal and calculative correctness. Depending on the scope, tenants then receive a 12- to 20-page report containing all the important details of the statement. If necessary, Mineko also provides support in contacting landlords and companies, for example in the form of a personalised letter of objection.

A profitable investment

The homepoint group recognised the potential behind this service and Mineko as a start-up early on. Not least because ancillary costs are among the largest expenses that every German citizen incurs. On average, 3,000 euros are due per year. That is more than is spent on travel or fashion. One more reason to offer an all-embracing service that relieves end consumers. The homepoint group regularly invests in companies that come to the market with promising ideas.

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